Other Services

Bill Payment Services

Pay Any Bill at Cash & Go! Just bring your bill and have them paid electronically. The fee for each bill payment is $1. Payments are accepted for over 1000 billers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, DirecTV, Charter, and Capital One.

DMV Registration Renewal

Don’t waste time in line or making an appointment. Come to Cash & Go Stores and renew your tags.

Money Orders

When you need a reliable, convenient way to pay bills and make purchases, look no further than Western Union® Money OrderSM payment instruments. Use them to make purchases, to give a gift, to pay bills or use them when cash and checks aren’t accepted.

We also cash money orders.

Prepaid Cellular

Don’t worry about long term contracts. Get a prepaid cellular phone and buy air time as you need it.

Long Distance Phone Cards

Need to make a long distance call but don’t want to carry a pocket full of change? Come in today and purchase a phone card.


Need stamps? Avoid that trip to the post office.